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Special Programs


Each week every class meets with Miss Brenda for a special time of learning music.  During this time, kids will learn hand motions, dances, and age appropriate instruments and will perform for parents twice a year.

Bible Time

Each week every class has Bible Time with Miss Brenda.  They will have a special time to share prayer requests and learn about a Bible story.  It is our focus to teach our children how much Jesus loves them.

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship is a time for all of the classes to come together and sing worship songs and dance.  The children enjoy spending time together with their peers and singing songs to Jesus.

Holiday and Seasonal Celebrations

Many times a year we invite parents to volunteer to help out with class celebrations.  Celebrations include holiday crafts, tasty snacks, and indoor and outdoor physical activities.  

Community Service Projects

We strive to teach children of all ages about giving back to our community and serving others.  Throughout the year we will do several service projects in and around our preschool community to serve others in need or to bring joy to a group of people.

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