Meet Amber:


Hi!  I am Amber Tingle.  I teach the 3 day 4-year old class.  I am originally from south of Atlanta, but have lived here for about 13 years, so North Carolina is definitely “home.”  I taught 2nd grade for 3 1/2 years in Georgia public schools before having my babies, moving here, and being a stay-at-home mom.  I was home with them until 2016, which was about 11 years! My husband, Owen, is in advertising. We all get very excited when we see his commercials on TV!!  We have three kids, two girls and a boy, who are now 13, 11, and 9. This will be my third year at Kirk Children’s Center. I love working with 4 year olds. They have so much curiosity and ask great questions.  They are easily excited and say the cutest things. Four year olds grow so much from the year 4 until 5, and it is exciting to watch!


3 day 4’s class:


I believe there are two important aspects of 4-year old preschool: (1) learning through play and (2) some preparation for Kindergarten.  We love to incorporate a lot of play during our day, both inside and outside. There is so much research on the importance of less structure and more play for preschoolers.  However, we do also try to focus on some skills that will be useful for Kindergarten, such as letters, numbers, cutting, gluing, holding a pencil, writing their names, following simple directions, basic drawing, one-on-one and whole group activities.  I believe that children develop at their own pace, and I like to meet them where they are and watch them grow from there. Most importantly, however, my number one goal throughout the year, is that the children feel loved. I want them to look forward to coming to school, and I truly hope they enjoy being there!


Our Day:


A typical day consists of whole group circle time, centers, outside playtime, lunch, and reading aloud.  During Circle Time, we focus on learning the pledge, identifying letters and sounds, counting, calendar, and weather.  During Centers, we focus on play, as well as one-on-one learning and crafts with the teachers. During playground and lunch, we focus on various social skills as well as skills necessary for school lunchtime, such as opening your own packaging.  Quite possibly my favorite time of day is after lunch when we have time to read aloud. I love books and I love sharing them with children!


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