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We believe in developing the whole child by creating a loving and cheerful environment where each child will be happy, develop a healthy self esteem and develop a lifelong goal of learning.  To accomplish this, a creative curriculum will provide age and developmentally appropriate child-oriented activities.The Children's Center staff will provide a Christian environment that will nurture each child spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.​


NOTE:  There is a $100 registration fee required at the time of registration. 


​"My daughter has attended preschool at Kirk Children's Center for the last 2 years and will be there next year as well!  We have been blessed as a family to get to know the teachers and director of KCC.  They are kind, creative, energetic people who genuinely love kids.  We watched our once shy, reserved little girl blossom into a confident and spirited 4 year old at KCC and we are excited our 2 1/2 year old son gets to join her in August!"    


"My youngest son just 'graduated' from Kirk Children's Center and our family is going to miss this special place to so much. The staff is so warm, kind and caring. They work hard to create a nurturing and fun place for kids to learn and play. We are so grateful that we could be part of the Kirk family!"


“We were so excited when our children started at Kirk of Kildaire Pre-School but we could never have imagined how amazing the experience would be for them and our entire family.

Every school day is filled with hands on experiences and thoughtful lessons. This is because of the amazing teachers, and Brenda (the director), who have been there for years and years. They all are smart, energetic, happy, positive & love being there which shows in what they do and how they teach our children. This faculty is what makes the preschool and seriously like no other preschool I know. I couldn’t say enough about how highly I think of Kirk of Kildaire Preschool.”


"We were very sure that Kirk's would be the right place for our son to start his learning life and were double sure when we met you (Brenda) for the first time. We could not believe it's already 2 years. We are not the first parents to be grateful to you, your institution and your teachers, each and every parent echoes our feelings."



The staff at Kirk Children's Center is an exemplary team that is highly trained and well qualified to create an environment for your child to learn and be loved!  Our teachers take part in workshops and on site training so that they are equipped to to teach your child in the way that they learn best.  ​

The Kirk Children's center staff meets monthly for planning sessions.  We strive to provide the most developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children.

Our director, Brenda Holladay, has been the director at Kirk Children's Center for over 20 years.  Her passion is providing a safe and loving environment for children to thrive!  She is dedicated to the students, their families and staff.  She views each child as a precious gift from God and looks forward to developing meaningful relationships with parents every year.

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