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As mentioned in our Mission Statement, our goal is to provide a loving, cheerful environment where each child will be happy, have a healthy self-esteem and develop a lifelong love of learning.  As a staff, we have devised a set of goals for each age level.​​

Goals for our 2's



At our two year old level, we welcome the children into a play group setting, where our main focus is on the social and emotional development of the young child.  Our staff will provide a well-planned and prepared variety of activities where the children are free to explore, create, play and learn many new things.

Specific Goals for our 2 1/2's

  • Sitting in a circle

  • Listening

  • Learning to adapt to a daily routine

  • Begin to recognize name

  • Begin to recognize colors

  • Begin to recognize shapes

  • Sharing

  • Using more words (please, thank you, etc.)

  • Becoming potty trained

In keeping with the goals of the Kirk Children's Center, the program for all of our children is geared to teach the children to explore, discuss, create, communicate, interact, question, problem solve, think, reason and continue the development of social and emotional skills.  Play is an important part of our curriculum.  Our children will be allowed to play and have fun while learning at the same time!
Goals for our 3's


At our three year old level, we continue to help children develop positive social skills including learning to get along with other three year olds, learning to share, waiting for a turn, listening to others, etc.  We also begin to introduce various concepts of color, shape, alike and different, big and little, opposites, etc.  We introduce numerals 1-10.  We talk about the alphabet by introducing the beginning letters of the children's names.  If children show readiness for pre-writing activities, we provide experiences for them.  We bring in professionals to enhance our curriculum, such as policeman, fireman and museum staff.

Specific Goals for our 3's

  • ​​Listening and sitting in circle time

  • Raising hand in circle time

  • Walking in a straight line

  • Hanging up bookbag, putting lunch in cubby

  • Identifying name

  • Doing carpool

  • Using potty on own (bathroom independence- wipe, pulling   pants up and down, etc.)

  • Sharing and taking turns

  • Identifying circle, triangle, square, rectangle

  • Identifying colors

  • Some letter recognition

  • Using words to communicate needs

  • Lunch skills (opening ziploc bags, etc.)

  • Following a basic morning routine

  • Using kind and friendly exchanges with friends and teachers

  • Begin using scissors

Goals for our 4's


At our four year old level, the focus will be on Kindergarten readiness.  We will review colors, shapes and numerals 1-20.  We will practice recognizing the letters of the alphabet and begin to write them.  We will practice recognition and writing of name and some science experiments.

Specific Goals for our 4's​

  • Expressing needs and wants

  • Bathroom independence

  • Holding pencil correctly

  • Writing name (first letter uppercase)

  • Following a routine without prompt

  • Using scissors correctly

  • Independence at lunch

  • Following classroom rules

  • Showing respect to adults and classmates

  • Showing empathy and compassion for others

  • Recognizing letters of the alphabet

  • Knowing all colors

  • Understanding directional words- over, under, behind, etc.

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